A fresh approach

At Klay Capital we offer innovative investment solutions that are tailored to the unique needs and preferences of our clients. While rooted in a rigorous risk management framework, our approach is based on independent thinking which helps us provide truly unique solutions.

We believe the strategic decision of asset allocation is the most critical factor in risk-adjusted performance. It therefore forms a fundamental basis of our portfolio construction. We know that markets, more often than not, can be less than perfect. We therefore build in reasonably wide tolerances within our asset allocation models to allow room to manoeuver.

We take great pride in the quality of due diligence we carry out for product/manager selection and monitoring, and have ensured our investment team has the right bandwidth and skill to carry out this critical function. While we do have the advantage of receiving sell-side research from multiple providers, our investment team carefully sifts through it with our own buy side assessment before we translate it for the benefit of our clients. Hence we are guided by experience and conviction when we translate each client's unique asset strategies to portfolios.

We focus our efforts in finding investment themes or ideas first, and then look for products and/or managers best placed to execute these ideas.

Our Model

Clients today look for financial managers who are not just strong on innovation, market and financial acumen but also reliable and trustworthy. This is where External Asset Management or EAM comes in. EAM refers to an asset management model where a licensed independent asset manager is appointed by the client to manage his assets in his account with a designated custodian bank. An EAM is also aligned with a client, because its investment philosophy is not affected by revenue considerations. An external asset manager must necessarily ensure client’s assets are with a custodian bank. However, it retains the access to the best products and financial solutions of the most sophisticated financial institutions that it can customize as per the needs of its clients. It is also a win-win for the client as he retains the choice to grant the EAM a “discretionary mandate” where the asset manager has the discretion to make investment decisions, or an “advisory mandate” where the client is advised by the manager and makes his own decisions.

As an EAM, we have has partnered with some of the world's most respected, reliable and secure financial custodial firms and are ideally equipped to respond swiftly and effectively to our clients’ needs. Partnerships with strong third party financial custodians are at the foundation of our solution. We commit ourselves to providing the highest quality investment advisory and wealth management. At the same time, our open architecture model ensures our clients’ access to a large pool of high quality research, and state-of-the-art processes. The satisfaction of our clients’ and partners remains our driving force and allows us to provide superior service with maximum efficiency.

What does this mean for you?

  • Alignment with your needs and preferences – Our allegiance is to our clients and not for product manufacturers
  • Unbiased advice – We provide independent and unbiased advice without any conflicts of interest
  • Independent thinking, financial analysis, insights and innovation
  • Expert advisors with many years of experience between them who have the skill and attitude to deliver outstanding investment service for our clients
  • Large pool of research from multiple partners
  • State of the art investment platforms with trading access and technology
  • Access to world class manufacturers or vendors of financial products
  • Competitive pricing – Leading financial institutions and vendors compete for our business translating into competitive pricing for our clients
  • Peace of mind – Choice of world-class custodian banks for the safe custody of your assets

We measure our success not through our numbers but the growing trust of our clients and their portfolio performances. We pride ourselves on the reputation we are gaining among peers and clients alike and we hope to grow from strength to strength.