Discretionary Portfolio Management - Private Clients
We understand that time is precious and provide support for clients unable to devote significant time to investment decision-making and day-to-day oversight and management, through our Discretionary Portfolio Management solutions. These include a range of discretionary services to accommodate our clients’ investment profile, preferred degree of involvement, and the amount of assets involved. As a start, our client advisors work with our clients to identify their investment objectives, risk profile, investment time frame and any other specific constraints they may have. Based on this the most appropriate investment strategy is identified. Klay Capital then proceeds to implement the strategy; monitor investments on a daily basis to ensure appropriate portfolio actions are taken in accordance with the objectives of the portfolio, and provide regular updates to its clients.

Asset Management – Institutional Clients
Klay Capital offers investment management services to institutional investors for both segregated as well as pooled/comingled accounts. Our investment process for such client’s runs through following stages:

  • We start with determining our client’s objective and constraints and work out the required strategic allocation.
  • We then select the most suitable investment tools
  • The next two steps involve
    • optimizing the portfolio through tactical allocation
    • monitoring the investments / controlling portfolio risk.

Risk control is carried out at two levels: by operational teams – fund management, middle and back offices, and by the professionally run divisions responsible for internal control – risk management, audit and compliance